2-min. Video Test Drive BVT Publishing Feedback

Imagine if your students all came to class prepared!

Here's how the new LABBOOK from BVT Publishing can help.

2-min. Video

1. LABBOOK is always affordable, so no student has to make do without a textbook.
2. With two weeks of free access, you can be assured that every student has the correct materials on day one of class.
3. With the auto-graded homework feature, you can assign reading and make the homework due before class, so students come to your lecture ready to be engaged.

What students want

  • ▪ Affordable textbooks
  • ▪ Optimized for small screens
  • ▪ Easily flip from book to lab...and back again
  • ▪ Highlighting, notes, and interactive content
  • ▪ Study tools (comprehension questions, flashcards, lecture slides, summaries...)
  • ▪ Affordable print options available

What instructors need

  • ▪ Ancillaries (exam banks, instructor's manual, lecture slides, lesson plans...)
  • ▪ LMS integration
  • ▪ Automatic homework grading available
  • ▪ Friendly customer service
  • ▪ Customization available

Test Drive LABBOOK right now!